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My homepage is an extension of me. It embodies my soul, my beauty and the essence that makes me an Elite Tokyo Courtesan and Escort.


Please take the time to explore my site, read reviews and comments from past dates, visit my photo gallery and most importantly smile, laugh if you like, become aroused, dream and fantasize. I only ask that you don’t procrastinate what will surly be one of the most pleasurable experiences of your life. Elite courtesans, concubines and geishas were once only accessible to Kings, Princes and men of wealth, means and status. They selected the most beautiful and talented women of the land to become their confidants, intimate companions and on many occasions’ advisors in affairs of the state and business. Today I welcome you to this exclusive world - My world of a modern day Geisha.




I was born in an affluent suburb of a Tokyo called Setagaya. My father ran a successful printing company and my mother was a traditional Japanese housewife of that time. I had a strict upbringing and was groomed to be an Ojosama (a sought of Japanese version of a debutant) .I did learn the basic arts of Geisha as I had heard many interesting stories about my Great Grand mother who became a renowned Kyoto Geisha and eventually married her lover a wealthy robber baron of that time .I could never commit myself to go into service as I think my parents would not have approved. I had a relatively normal life growing up .My father was rarely home as he often worked. Later after my parents divorced I learned that he also had a lover that he kept on the side to keep him warm at night. I was never really close to my father so I guess we never established a proper relationship. My mother was a bit of a perfectionist and kept an immaculate home that was more like a showroom than a home so being tidy and clean was an important part of my growing up. Even today I still have had that instilled in me. In my teens I attended a private catholic all girls’ junior high and high school .I also attended and graduated from one of Japan’s top women’s universities. I didn't start dating boys until I was 20. I think I had my first sexual experience around 21 nothing particularly memorable as the boy was all thumbs and quite nervous .My life really didn’t begin until my first trip abroad to the UK where I studied Art history at King’s College.

It was my first time to travel abroad and I think I was a bit naive and innocent as I had had a pretty protected cocooned life. I was fortunate enough to find a great flat mate that introduced London life to me. I remember that she was a beautiful tall buxom Hong Kong girl with perfect queens English .At that time I was envious as my English was pretty awful.

She introduced me to the party side of London. She was well connected to the gentry class so we where always in good company. I met my first true love in London .A dashing tall dark handsome mixed race boy. He was charming, stylish and quite wealthy. He also had an insatiable appetite for sex and was a bit of a sadist. He opened my eyes to real sex and passion.



The Real Me


I have studied the Arts of Geisha (Japanese courtesan) Japanese Tea ceremony, Shamisen and traditional Japanese dance. I feel both comfortable in an evening gown, sexy black dress and of course in a traditional Japanese Kimono. For the past year I have been training in Burlesque mainly for fitness but I do sometimes perform and I am a big fan of traditional Burlesque and stripping. I am in excellent health and work out three to four times a week. I am STD free. I have had no operations, I have never been married or had children. I have had few boyfriends and enjoy being single and free. I do not drink, smoke or do drugs. I never eat junk food and my diet is a very healthy macrobiotic one. I think a photo says a thousand words but I would like to point out without sounding too narcistic that people say I am much more beautiful in person. I have perfect skin and wear very little make up. I keep my perfumes light and sensual. I would consider myself high maintenance, as I love going to the hair salon, nail salon and esthetic salon. I also enjoy getting full body massages as well as giving them. I have been told that my massages are on par of that of a professional masseuse. I guess I spoil myself. I would consider myself to be a great date. I am the perfect woman to escort you to dinner or a party as well as being able to service your needs elsewhere. I have a good sense of humor but not obnoxious. I am a good conversationalist but I am also a great listener. I love being around people and being social. I love to travel and I am happy to be your travel companion or visit you in your home country. If you are looking for a guide, translator or personal assistant/executive secretary I have excellent qualifications and experience. I can also arrange custom dates, parties and excursions during your stay. I am very flexible to your needs so if you prefer business attire or casual wear and would like to have a genuine GFE, please do not hesitate to ask. I know that its not always comfortable having a woman dressed to the nines in broad day light .So I am very astute to an appropriate wardrobe for our date.


This also crosses over to being to being very discreet upon meeting with you at your hotel or arranged meeting place. By the way I do kiss but only if you have excellent oral hygiene.



“Elegance is a physical quality. If a woman doesn’t have it naked, she’ll never have it clothed.” Karl Lagerfeld

Not Just Another Pretty Face...

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