Misa is definitely special. I have seen her several times, for overnights, and I consider her to be my ‘Japanese girlfriend’. I’d prefer to be one of a few who know about her. But, since I can see her only a couple times per year, it is only fair that I let others know what a treasure she is. Misa is not at all like the typical girls available in Tokyo. Her English is impeccable, her voice is low and sensuous, and she has the sexiest Japanese accent I’ve ever heard. She writes better than many Americans. Before we met for the first time, we exchanged many emails back and forth .This made me think she was quite Americanized. I remember when we finally met being quite surprised how traditionally Japanese she is. Her physical beauty is astonishing,  she is elegant yet sincere. not like most of the girls plying there trade here . She is a bit of a conundrum - although she looks and acts like a conservative perfect Japanese lady with her clothes on, she has some ink and some piercings which, upon discovery (you have to find them), are so, so sexy, and quite a surprise. 

I would say for an American businessmen in their 50s, like me, she is perfect. Misa will not come to your door an hour after you contact her (no booty calls); instead, arranging time with her requires some planning. The effort spent is well rewarded. She responds promptly and professionally to email, and she and I have a great deal of playful bantering via email which just heightens my anticipation. When I arrange time with her, she arrives immaculately dressed, beautiful in every respect, and she is completely focused on me. It is easy and natural for me to be completely focused on her as well, and let me just say we have a lovely time together. Dinners, concerts, sightseeing, and in the bedroom of course, every minute with Misa is wonderful. She truly is my girlfriend, at least until she leaves, and when the door closes, I always immediately start thinking about the next time. What a fabulous young woman. I am glad she is around, because she is a luxury not to be missed. My friends who are in their 70s and 80s say at advanced age all you can do is look, you’d better get it while you can. When in Tokyo, I make sure I spend some time with her, for Misa is so worth it. Enjoy this lovely woman, you will not be disappointed.



I have met Misa many times. Sometimes for dinner and a date, sometimes just for a date, sometimes with another provider (she has a few very special and very lovely prodigees). Each time is special and memorable. I can't say that I have ever experienced a more fulfilling fantasy than when I am with Misa either alone or with her and one of her friends. She will blow your mind. You will think you died and went to heaven. The attention, the excitement, the feel as if you are the only person in the world at those moments. This lady loves her avocation and shows it. But don't take my word for it....


The Juicy Details


I will not kiss and tell. All I can say is that Misa is a once in a lifetime courtesan and she should be experienced more than once. You can be alone, she can bring a friend or you can be a couple. She entertains as well as anyone I have ever met. Misa, the Tokyo Butterfly, is a one-of-a-kind date. This is a true GFE experience. From the moment she meets up with you she is totally dedicated to your personal needs. She is attentive the way no other woman will ever be to you. You feel as if you belong together and relish the envious looks you receive from other less fortunate men, and women, you will see during the evening. Dinner with Misa is an absolute joy. She is an excellent conversationalist and is comfortable discussing a broad rage of subjects. Bright and articulate and gorgeous...isn't this every man's dream date...lover....? She is an excellent listener which is important men as we all like to hear ourselves talk...especially about ourselves. After dinner at the apartment we always start with champagne, strawberries and chocolate. No need to rush what is certain, and always is, an extremely stimulating evening. A nice bath followed by some gentle touching, kissing and perhaps a pre-course massage to get all those knots out and straighten everything up. Misa is known as the Tokyo Butterfly for a very good reason. She has some beautiful body art that must be seen and admired, close up...obviously focused on butterflies...beautiful, erotic, well placed butterflies. Enough said. For the many times I have met Misa I have always been pleasured beyond my expectations. There is nothing left in the tank in the morning. This is a full night of eroticism that cannot be explained but must be experienced...more than once.

Oh, and did I say how great Misa looks in her Christian Laboutin pumps...just the pumps...ahhhhhh. This is a lady all the way. The one we dreamed of as adolescents but never seemed to find. Well, she has been found and is beyond expectations. Go ahead, make the reservation, enjoy the experience. If you are disappointed all I can say is WOW.


Signed: Requited in Roppongi Hills


PS: If you want to go to the next level with Misa, make a date with Misa and one or both of her and her prodigees the Sensual Shiho and/or Delightful Maya. It does not get any better than that...just sayin! Heaven is a phone call away.



I don't know yet when I'll be returning to Japan . . . . . . seeing your pictures in your new web page  . . . . longing for your company . . . . there is one thing I miss very much about you . . . . you can never guess what it is . . . . . believe it or not its your Sexy resonant almost husky voice . . . movie star Lauren Bacall (Humphrey Bogart’s wife) just to name one who had a similar voice, . . . . . . Your far more beautiful then her and others that I cant think of now.

Your caring loving friend



Gentlemen and Ladies -- Please enjoy this review of Tokyo escort Misa, sometimes known as the the "Tokyo Butterfly." My experience with Misa took place in 2013. Like many of you, I did not have someone in mind for my visit to Tokyo. I did a thorough online research on message boards and review sites before I selected Misa. I did not have any first-hand references. I was looking for an experienced, albeit young, independent contractor. I was not looking for any girl associated with a club or service. If you Google "Tokyo Escorts," the services of Misa are always in the "VIP" category across websites. I had no idea what "VIP" meant, but multiple customer reviews put her in a "sophisticated" category. Reviews also suggested some unusual details about her as a person. For example, the reviews said she was a working professional. I also found dozens of photos of her, including some intriguingly interesting ones on her personal blogs. Customer reviews said her body in the real world accurately reflected what she looked like in the online pictures. Finally, most of the reviews suggested she possessed a classic Japanese look. One of my goals was discretion and these attributes suggested she valued discretion as well. I emailed her a month in advance of my visit and within 24 hours she responded confirming our appointment. I saw Misa twice in my hotel room and we had sex three times. We never talked on the phone and we never exchanged any personal information. Each time she arrived dressed beautifully like a woman on a date and from the minute she walked into my hotel room you could tell she was an attractive young lady. As far as I could tell, she needed no make-up and her skin was perfect. Her curvy body was obvious as soon as she stood in front of me. Her English is quite good, especially when she writes. She writes better than most Americans. I urge you to be clear about your escort objective before you select this young lady. If you are looking for the "porn star" experience, this is probably not the route to go. I dont want to suggest for a second that Misas skills and physical attributes are not superior; they are. But nothing about this young lady says "get down on your hands and knees." I can tell from a couple of reviews that guys got their objectives wrong with her. So here is the deal -- I spent enough time with her to know that being an escort is something she does, but not something she has to do. I’ve been with girls who will do anything for an appointment. This is not one of those girls. Approach her with the right strategy and you’ll be rewarded with the best sex of your life. Yes, the best sex of your life. Let me give you a taste of her before I give you a few pointers. I want to say right up front that her body in the website photos and in the real world are up-to-date. At one point on our first night my hand slipped beneath her dress and I searched out her butt, and I realized immediately that this was a slender woman with limited body fat. Her tiny butt cheeks were like holding a C-Cup in each hand. Her dexterity with those butt cheeks and hips will turn out to be impressive. Her skin is indeed as smooth and porcelain to the touch. Her breasts are exactly as they look -- perfectly shaped, firm and a bit larger than most girls about her height and weight. She had pierced nipples and belly button and multiple sets of tattoos. How many tattoos and what kind you discover will depend on you. The most important of the tattoos is the butterfly that adorns her pussy. It is an impressive work of art and adds an exotic look. If you get down there (and I urge you to get down there), take a second to check it out closely; I did. Shes not shy about her body and once she got her clothes off she never put them back on until it was time to leave. I absolutely had a hard-on before I got my clothes were off. Each time she visited I entertained her with some snacks, or a drink of champagne. I wasn’t just sitting there passing time until it was "time." She is a working professional with points of view on life and work. It was a bit like a date and I found it fascinating, especially as a Western man with only superficial knowledge of Japanese women. I think spending time with her is essential to a successful experience with her. She escorts for reasons of her own, and there is no doubt in my mind that sex is a shared experience in her mind. Each of the three times we had sex was great and each time was different in terms of approach, positions, etc. The third time was the best, if for no other reason than we knew each other better and we trusted each other. Let me tell you about this final session. It lasted more than an hour and has to be the best 60 minutes of sex in my life. I was on my back naked and she was on top of me to start. When I looked down at her butterfly, it was flying on top of my cock, moving back and forth like a butterfly on a flower. Soon, she leans in her chest and now her breasts are in my mouth. Her nipples hardened immediately and I could hear her say..."good....good." Meanwhile, the butterfly is hard at work on my cock and every few minutes she grabs my dick and strokes it. Not coming at this point was all I could do. Next, she shifts her hips and pussy to my face, lips and tongue. The Butterfly is now eye-to-eye with me. My hands are on her butt cheeks, but frankly she was in charge. I was enjoying her in my mouth and I could hear her saying..."good...good." I dont know how long all this went on, but it wasn’t fast and it wasn’t mechanical. I was moaning and so was she. Next thing I know, she is sliding down my chest and soon she is licking my balls. I am going crazy at this point, but what could I do? Next, shes licking my the shaft of my cock and finally I’m fully inside her mouth. Some girls try to jerk you off right away, but I was getting a real old-fashioned blow job...steady, slow and working me up. It was my decision to get inside her...and ohhh I’m glad I did. She takes me inside and thats when those tiny hips go to work. Many western girls are big in the hips or heavy on top, but this young lady was athletic, small and flexible. Need I say more? Im not lying when I say I was sweating at the was like a workout. I pulled out of her when it was time to come, and she finished me off with a spectacular hand job. The sex was so good I was thinking this: "I know I paid for more time, but I don’t need to have sex again. “When was the last time you thought that?”…And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." In short, the more you give with Misa, the more you get. You simply will not be disappointed



As others have already noted, Misa is truly an artist at what she does. I have met her twice, and fortunately for the second meeting (May 2012) I had plenty of time. This meant that we could enjoy champagne together and marvel at the Tokyo skyline during sunset from the 37th floor bar. Champagne, a gorgeous, intelligent and funny girl by your side, what more could a man ask for?!? Well, now that you mention it, how about a long session of hot and steamy sex? Like in most things in life, the law of karma applies, and if you give more, you will also receive more. Or much more! I will just leave it at that. Oh, one more thing. Since the last time the number of Misas tattoos has increased, but the new ones are hidden very well, unless you are, ahem, positioned well to see them. Seek, and ye shall find! Cant wait for my next visit to Tokyo!



I recently visited Tokyo and spent some time with Misa. She is beautiful - her photos do not lie - and she has a very seductive personality. She exceeds expectation. If I had more time in Tokyo I would have certainly seen her again and for a much longer booking. She was the ideal date. I will certainly look her up again when I return to Tokyo. My only regret is that I was not able to spend more time with her. Thank you, Misa. You promise a lot but you deliver more. Misa is a very unique woman. She is not only beautiful and sexy but has a quick wit and a great sense of humor.She makes an excellent companion for a new comer to Tokyo as she knows this city like the back of her hand.



I know there has been a lot of talk about the independent escort Misa (Tokyo Butterfly). I recently had the opportunity to book an appointment with her last month while on business in Tokyo. I was referred by a trusted friend and colleague so I decided to book a few hours with her. I would first like to say that you should check her web site Welcome to Tokyo Butterfly featuring Misa) She is stunning in her photos and has a great sense of humor and insight as an escort. I was unable to contact her by phone and used her online booking form. I received a reply within a few hours. I was booked on a pretty tight business schedule but she was very accommodating and we worked out a meeting time and place. I really wanted to know what was behind this woman so I decided to meet her at the Park Hyatt for dinner. We met on a Sunday evening and when she showed in the hotel lobby, I was at a loss for words.She was drop dead gorgeous. I would say more beautiful than her web photos. She had perfect Porcelain skin ruby red lips with a sexy pout and a gorgeous figure.She came in wearing a signature little black dress that clung to every curve and swell of her slender but well toned body.She was a definite head turner and quite oblivious to the people googling at her including females.She was very friendly and warm .It was like we had known each other a while and we were on our third date.Im a pretty picky guy and I have been around a bit in my years.I would put Misa down as the classic asian beauty of bygone days.I found out that she escorts part time and is actually a career woman.We had a great meal.I didn’t eat much because I knew what was for dessert. I dont kiss and tell and Misa is a classy woman but I will say this She is the complete package. A definite step up above the rest.If you ever have the pleasure of her company- well lets just say that I have not tasted a better nectar from the vine Finally I will leave you with two things - She has an amazingly intricate butterfly tastefully tattooed down south .I honestly thought it was the design of her thong the work was so good.She is not for the fast food type .I would say savor this one like you would a good glass of wine.She was worth every penny or should I say yen.I hope this review has been helpful.



Last evening was just sublime. You are the perfect combination of exquisite beauty and charm coupled with an earthy sensuality. A spectacular memory for me. I enjoyed everything and was touched by you sitting on my lap as we watched my pictures from Africa. It was a great honor to be with you. Tom


You made me think about butterflies... Beautiful and graceful, varied and enchanting, small but approachable, butterflies lead you to the sunny side of life. And everyone deserves a little sunshine. ~Jeffrey Glassberg Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne Love is like a butterfly: It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes. ~ Author Unknown



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I have seen Misa on at least five or six occasions over the last two years, mostly in Tokyo and once on an out-of-town three-day rendezvous we arranged a few months in advance.  Each time has been wonderful and better (if that's possible) than the last.  She is a remarkable woman in so many ways - and that also is remarkable.  One of the most beautiful women I have ever been with - yes.  Polite, reliable, clean, punctual, appropriate in her attire and behavior at all times - of course (or I wouldn't keep coming back).  Sophisticated, intelligent, successful in her main career, with a good grip on how she wants to lead her life and a healthy curiosity for the world and an adventurous spirit - well, it's the combination of all those things with the first two that make her one of a kind in my experience.


Others have described in more detail their encounters with her.  Let me simply say that reading other reviews of Misa reminds me of how much I have enjoyed her (and I believe she has enjoyed me).  She is an amazing lover, extremely sexual and with a knack for making me feel as if we have been together all our lives (in a good way, not a boring way).  If I could see her more than a handful of times a year, I might be reluctant to share with all of you how wonderful she is - I would want her more to myself!  




I cannot count how often I have meet Misa during the last years, always when I was in Tokyo. Every minute with her was exiting and full of erotic pleasure. We always meet at the same hotel, she was at any time perfectly dressed and looking. The pictures on her website are 100% real and I must say she is much more beautiful in reality. When we meet, she is relaxed, never in a rush and it is a perfect GFE with her. Usually she dressed, on my special request, in her tight black leather catsuit with perfect high heels, which gaves me the "special kick". Unfortunately the time is always running too fast and therefore I have decided to book her for 2h last Sunday. We spent a wonderful time together, drink Champaign and had a lot of fun. As she is an intelligent and charming person, we talked during our time together a lot and enjoyed the erotic moments very much. Thats all what I can say: perfect GF experience with a perfect woman. A dream comes true and I am very much looking forward to my next erotic meeting with Misa in Tokyo.

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